Testimonials for Sport Clips Haircuts of McKinney Towne Center

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Rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 104 Client reviews

jeremey b. | October 30, 2019

"Linda is quite simply the best at cutting hair and very pleasant to talk to when I come in. "

Jack b. | October 27, 2019

"Fast service "

w k. | August 4, 2019

"Fast service "

daniel e. | June 17, 2019

"Convenient and easy and they always do a good job"

ed p. | June 17, 2019

"The ability to via APP or online to make an appointment for my favorite stylist instead of waiting in store."

giro c. | June 17, 2019

"Great atmosphere and friendly staff"

Terry W. | June 17, 2019

"Rio was fantastic! I had not been to Sport Clips for quite a while as I had found a barber elsewhere. When she moved on, I decided to give Sport Clips another try. I'm back, and will request Rio every time! She did a great job, was personable and efficient. Just what I want from a customer service experience. "

Carl G. | June 16, 2019

"I stepped into the bathroom & went very quickly. I came back and saw a little boy climbing into a chair- which i thought was odd bc I thought I was next. Then I noticed I had gone from 1 min to 19 min on the monitor. I asked my daughter if they had called my name. She said they had & she told them I would be back in a second. I went to ask a lady why they didn’t just wait 10 seconds -& she said: “sorry, I don’t pay attention.” I asked again how hard it would have been to wait a second. She again said: i don’t pay attention. Another lady heard me and asked a stylist: “did u skip someone?” She couldn’t see me but I heard her say: “He went to the bathroom. If I wait around for people on the bathroom we’ll be here all day” Then -20 min later - I was called up. The lady said: “You get a free MVP bc it’s your first time to this location.” I said- “no thanks - I’m in a hurry. Just need a haircut and wash it out.” She said: “we’ll take care of you & it won’t take long to give you a MVP.” I said: my daughter has been waiting so I need to leave.” After the cut, she said: “are you ready for your shampoo?” I said: “I don’t want a shampoo; just a quick rinse out.” When I sat down and she rinsed the excess hair out, she said: “now, can I shampoo you?” I couldn’t believe I was actually talking to an adult. I said “no- please, just rinse out the hair so I can go.” She said: are you sure? I will definitely never be back to that location- ever."

brian c. | June 14, 2019

"Linda and only Linda. "

scott g. | June 9, 2019

"Linda does a fantastic job both with the haircut and the shampoo and is professional about it."